Finding the Art of Family

Hi there! We’re Lindy & Justin Pardee and this is our blog about finding art wherever you are.

We are a husband and wife team, I’m Lindy and he’s Justin. Our last name is Pardee, but we lovingly refer to ourselves as The PRDz! I’m the artist and I would call Justin the creative so we’re a pretty good team. Over 9 years of marriage we have acquired four children. We’ve lived in Riverisde, CA our whole lives and even bought a home in the same neighborhood we both grew up in. We definitely love this city. We also have an amazing church family at Sandals Church where Justin works.

I am an artist by heart and by trade. Justin is a true creative and owned a design studio before going to work for the Sandals Church shortly after we got married in 2009. Marriage and parenthood drastically changed our lives, relationship and priorities eventually what we knew to be art faded into the background. Soon we were swimming in laundry, home maintenance and taking care of kids. Sitting down for a quiet moment with a nice canvas and paint didn’t happen. We also weren’t able to work on design projects around our home like we had dreamed of. I was accepting that I was a non artist for this season of life and Justin wasn’t doing anything creative unless it was work related.

It’s been a long road, but now I see that I had never stopped being an artist I just had to learn understand that art is bigger than the boxes we put it in. I had set all these boundaries for art in the past, but I’m discovering the new forms art takes more and more. And now art isn’t just something I do alone, because it’s not just my art, it’s ours.


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