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Introducing My Original Painting Series: The Farmhouse Collection

Friends, it’s here and I can’t be more excited to share this with you! Introducing my Farmhouse Painting Collection!

I have a collection of 27 different paintings that are all unique from one another, but share the same feeling of peace and wide open spaces that make me so happy!

I created them each with peaceful scenes, color and movement that transform whatever space they inhabit. Even creating them and placing them in my own home has brought so much joy to our family. I can’t wait for them to be in your home too!

That’s actually one of my favorite things about sharing these paintings with you. My art can be a part of the beauty you create in your home! Loving where you dwell and the space you create for the ones you love is really important to me. That’s what aim to create for my family. A beautiful place to be together with the feelings of home and peace. Thanks for letting me be a part of your home. 

Each painting has a title and a descriptive statement that goes with it. Each statement begins with the word “when”. Together with the beauty of the painting they create the atmosphere I was hoping to send along to you. 

Here are a few pieces I want to highlight:

Golden Bougainvillea

When the Bougainvillea spills over the stone wall.

I’ve always loved climbing Bougainvillea, but when I first saw it in a golden color I knew that’s the kind I wanted in our yard someday. I love the contrast between the deep green leaves and the warm colors of peach and gold especially in the sunset. I love how Bougainvillea has the ability to transform a stark cold wall into a living, moving, vibrant being. Capturing it in a painting for inside walls is a dream. 

Through the Branches

When you notice that slowing down and looking up was possibly the best part of your day.

This painting is inspired by a photo I took looking at the light through tree branches. Looking up at leaves from below is definitely on my top ten list of restful things to do. Usually because if I take the time to look up and admire the leaves I’m not rushing from one thing to the next. Being able to admire how the leaves become like stained glass in the sunlight is a gift. 

Through the Oranges

When you want to be covered by orange branches and peer through the leaves.

Orange trees feel like home to me so naturally I want to be near them whenever I can. During the year we’re either eating oranges or smelling their blossoms. It’s such a joy to bring this beauty inside. 

In the Sun

When a sunflower captures your attention every time.

Sunflowers are so happy! I don’t think I’ve ever looked at a towering sunflower and not been amazed. Having sunflowers nearby are my favorite. 

The Peace of Grass

When being at grass level feels so right.

The simplicity of grass is amazing. Most of the time we don’t notice it unless there is none around. But when we get the chance to get close there’s something so peaceful and simple about having it near.  

These are just a few and I hope you enjoy them. Check out the rest of the series in our shop!

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