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One Room Challenge – Dining Room Makeover Week 4: Slow & Steady

This week a lot of things changed in our dining room and it’s making us excited! If you missed our previous posts on this 6 week One Room Challenge here they are: Week One, Week Two, Week Three.

Now here’s the a scoop on how Week Four went! We got three main objectives done this week. We had some highs and lows, but mostly highs and we’re happy about how it’s going so far!

Painting the Walls

Our final color is up! During a whirlwind afternoon the ceiling and walls of our dining room were painted white. My dad is a painting contractor and he brought his sprayer over and saved us days of prep and rolling. Yay, dad!

It transformed pretty quickly and made our newly stained beams POP! It got us really excited to see all the other parts of the room come together including the custom art pieces I’m working on, I know they’ll pop too!

Starting Our Table Top

We went to an amazing lumber yard in town to select the wood for our table top. The wood there is of every type you could image and all high quality, unique and beautiful. We chose 1 3/4” maple boards and the wood grain is so pretty.

We shoved all the boards in our mini van (on top of all our four kids) and Justin got right to work when we got home. He ripped the wood so it was (mostly) straight and all the same width. Then he drilled dowel holes, glued it and used huge clamps to keep it together.

It looks really good so far, but I know it took Justin a lot of strength and mental game to put it together. The sweat beading up on his forehead gave away the difficulty level of this project. Especially because the boards together are SO heavy. It’s for sure a two person job to just move it.

Justin was discouraged because the table top wasn’t coming together as perfectly as he had hoped, but he kept going and I can truly say it looks great! I’m proud that pushed though and even shared his real feelings on a recent Instagram post. Not every DIY creation turns out perfectly every step of the way and I hope that sharing our “lows” can be encouraging to other DIYers out there.

Prepping the Chippy Shelf

Ok, so right when this project began I took a chance and bought a scraggly, chippy pink shelf to go in our dining room! Did I mention it’s PINK?! Oh yeah, and it’s not even a shelf. I think it’s a weird bench. What can I say? I had a vision for it! Now, I had to make this weird thing beautiful and functional for our home. 

I wanted to retain the great pink (and mint underneath) paint color that was chipping off, but also knock off all the paint that was already falling off. I chose 150 grit sand paper and started sanding. That turned out to be a perfect grit to knock off loose paint and preserve the good paint. When I was done sanding I wiped it down with a wet rag and realized maybe I don’t want to varnish it like I was planning to. The paint was staying on well enough and I like the look of the dry wood rather than the varnished wood. That was great news because that’ll save me an hour of work. Yay!

Next week We’ll cut the legs off the bench/shelf and it’ll be done!

Final To-Do List

We’re nearing the end of this One Room Challenge and it’s time to make a final to-do list. Here it is, friends. The real deal (in no particular order):

  • Cut legs off pink shelf
  • Install pink shelf
  • Style pink shelf
  • Install large mirror
  • Paint main art
  • Frame main art
  • Hang main art
  • Secure buffet to wall
  • Style buffet
  • Finish framed art
  • Hang framed art
  • Hang 24” round mirror
  • Hang hooks/shelf for front door
  • Style door area
  • Nail up wood beams
  • Fix floor
  • Install quarter round
  • Install curtain rods
  • Hang curtains
  • Adjust length of curtains
  • Weather stripping for door
  • Kwikset door knobs
  • Overall room styling 

Ummm. That list got long somehow. Hopefully we finish most of it in week five and not down to the wire in week six!

We are one of a couple hundred guest participants and designers doing the One Room Challenge. Check out all the talented people who are making over one room in their home too! There’s SO MUCH INSPO happening on this website!



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