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One Room Challenge – Dining Room Makeover Week 2: Getting Started

It’s Week 2 of the One Room Challenge, we have our vision for what we want our dining room to look like, and now we need to start making it happen! You can read all about what we’re planning for this space in the Week 1 Post.

Design Choices

We had a lot of design decisions to make with what furniture and accessories to add or replace in our dining room. There were so many great choices and we want to show you what things we were looking at.


We decided to replace our mirror and we found a some great ones! It was hard to decide. We knew we wanted brass and a somewhat modern shape. Here are a few of our favorites. And FYI: Anthropologie is KILLING IT in the mirror category. I am majorly impressed with the designs they have right now.

mirror 1 | mirror 2 | mirror 3


We want to add a buffet cabinet to our dining room, but we need it to be super compact and fit our modern farmhouse style. It was actually hard to find many that fit our specifications, but here are a few that we thought were awesome.

one | two | three | four

Curtains & Rods

Another item that took us some time to decide on was new curtains and curtain rods. Truth be told, the curtains we have now have been with us for almost nine years and they’re ready to move on. We knew we wanted to repeat the brass color in our mirror with the curtain rods so that guided our decisions.

curtains 1 | curtains 2 | curtains 3 | rod 1 | rod 2

The Budget Situation

As you might know, we don’t usually have a big budget for room makeovers and renovations. Some of the items we listed here can be on the expensive side so you might be asking how we can afford all of this.

Well, since about January we’ve been downsizing all kinds of things around our home and selling it on eBay, Craigslist, and the Facebook Marketplace. Over the past few months we’ve sold furniture, electronics, clothes and other random weird things. We sold enough to give us a budget of about $2,400 for this makeover. How cool is that? Seriously, that cash is a great motivation for us to keep downsizing and save up for our next room makeover!

Getting Prepped

This week we are prepping and purchasing everything we need to clean, sand, stain, prime, and paint the walls. Wow, all that sounds so easy when you write it in one sentence, but its going to take us the whole six weeks to do! It’s going to be a ton of work but the first piece of new furniture was delivered a few days ago and has got us really excited to see this space transform. It’s pretty exciting to get all the pieces of our vision delivered one by one!

We know we’re going to make a huge mess before things start looking any better. This week we need to empty out the room and put up walls of plastic because we have decided sand down our wooden beams. (We’re so excited about that!) And with sanding comes a mess so, basically the dining room will be quarantined off from the rest of the house for a few weeks because we learned our lesson with our bathroom renovation two years ago: excessive dust is not your friend! The plastic walls will go up tomorrow and our weekend will be full of sanding, staining and clean up. This will be the first of our big changes.

We’re loving the encouragement and accountability of the One Room Challenge. Be sure to check out the this week’s updates from the featured designers and other guest participants.






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