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Valentine’s Mixtape 2018

A quick Pinterest search for Valentine’s Decor will give you about a million different ideas for how to make your home look great and feel festive for Valentine’s season. But here’s an idea most people overlook: decorate with music.

It’s so obvious, right? We all fill out homes with Christmas classics starting a few days after Thanksgiving, why not do the same thing for other holidays? As a former DJ I’ve got a deep appreciation for a well-crafted mixtape (ok, playlist – but mixtape just sounds so much better) and every year a put a new one together that we keep on repeat throughout the house most evenings in February.

Yesterday we got a new white Apple HomePod for our bedroom so now I can say “Hey Siri, play my 2018 Valentine’s Mixtape” and songs to help you feel all those lovely feelings fill the air! Here’s my 2017 Valentine’s Mixtape and below I proudly present 2018 Valentine’s Mixtape for your listening pleasure. You have to listen to it in order at least the first time, otherwise you’re severely hurting my feelings.

What songs are missing? Leave a comment below and let me know!

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