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Kids Valentine’s Wall Art

Ok we did it again – we put together another Valentine’s Day art project with the kids! Last year we created this fun Valentines Day decor project. It looked really cool and we loved having in our home for the month of February. This year we brought the paint out again and let the kids get creative!

Here’s a cool video montage of this art project.

I started this project by choosing my paint colors. I grabbed a combination of reds, pinks, coral and terra-cotta colors. Colors that I thought worked well together and with the decor vibe of our home. I basically use any water based paint like craft paint or basic house paint in colors I like.

I then gathered all of our supplies. We used:

  • Card stock paper
  • Spray primer
  • Craft paint
  • Blue tape
  • Paint brushes
  • Water bucket
  • Paper plates
  • Drop cloths (or paper to cover the table)
  • Iron
  • White paint
  • Bowl
  • Small paint brush

We cut the card stock into 4×4 inch squares. I laid them out and sprayed them with a coat of primer on one side so they would be less likely to curl when they’re painted.

We laid out our drop cloths in the area we painted in and set the kids up to paint their squares. The kids had a paper plate with a few different paint colors on them. They had the freedom to paint away! I encouraged them to mix the colors and be creative.

We collected all the papers and let hem dry overnight. In the morning the papers were a little warped so I decided to iron them flat on low heat between layers of a towel.

Once they were flat I arranged them in a grid based on color on top of a large canvas (laying them on a drop cloth or paper works). Darker ones near the bottom and lighter ones near the top. Once I was happy with the arrangement I used white printer paper to make the shape of a heart blocking the outer edges of the grid and leaving the heart shape open.

Then I got crazy with the white paint. I put white paint in a bowl and added a little water to thin it out. I put drop cloths all around the grid and started splattering white paint on the open heart shape. I loved this part and I wasn’t sad the kids weren’t home for this because I’m sure paint would have ended up on all our furniture.

Once I was satisfied with the amount of paint splattered on the heart area I pulled the printer paper off which revealed the awesome heart shape!

Next I marked the middle of my wall and started hanging up the squares about 1/2 in apart from each other. I put a loop of blue tape on the back of each square and it stuck well.

Here’s the final product and we love it! We are feeling the Love and the Valentines vibes! It’s a beautiful sight  in our home and our whole family was a part of it. Hope you enjoy it too!

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