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January 2018 Home Tour

We want to take you on a tour of our home! Not because it’s perfect or overflowing with incredible design inspiration, but because we want to show you our home as it is in midst of our design journey.

We’ve come a long way since we first moved in. Our house has literally gone from dark to light and we’re still moving. We love home design, comfortable spaces for the family, vintage furniture, minimal visual clutter and strategic color. Our home is our art and we want you to see each stroke we paint.

This is our home as it is. (when it’s clean!) There’s no secret why our home is clean for this video tour: our four kids were out of the house with Justin while I cleaned it to show all the features of our home without any messes. Our home is lived in and rarely fully clean so I hope you enjoy seeing the space at it’s best. Also, were not professional videographers so the video is a little shaky and we missed showing a few features like our vaulted ceiling with wood beams; and it’s hard to see the rooms as a whole because we need a wider angle lens.

So, here’s our home now!

Here are some of the rooms in our home. We have already changed each room considerably since we first moved in. So these pictures are just as much after photos as they are before photos. We are moving forward in our home design and art constantly.

Living Room

Our living room is the only room we recently repainted and restyled. It’s the coziest of all the rooms and we can’t wait to continue the style we have going on in there throughout the house.

Dining Room

Our dining room is our next project. We will be painting and restyling this room very soon. Can’t wait to show you our plans!

Family Room

Our family room has always had an incredible vaulted ceiling, but it hasn’t always looked it’s best. The dark beams used to be hidden on our dark ceiling. We changed that by painting the ceiling light. Now the ceilings are a great focal point of the room. This room has so much light and great bones. Looking forward to adding to it.


This is our kitchen. A work in progress, but we’ve come so far. We replaced the appliances, flooring and faucet within the past two years and that has made a world of  difference. We’ve got fun plans for this space too. We’d love to blow out the window wall and double the size of our kitchen, but we’ll have to save up for that. Right now we’re planning to make changes with a small budget that totally transform the space.

Master Bedroom

This is our master bedroom. Within the past two years we have added matching furniture and minimized the clothes in our closets. We went with a bold warm yellow in this room but it still has the cream trim so we’ll be working on this room as well.

Bath Room

This is our primary bath that we gutted and renovated a year and a half ago. Best decision ever! It was the ugliest bathroom since we moved in and now it is a bright, clean and peaceful sanctuary. We still haven’t fully styled it yet. We’re thinking plant life, art and candles. It’ll be fun!

Girls Room

We improved the girls room right before our littlest was born 1.5 years ago. The room is beautiful and has a good style going, but were looking forward to some painting and other fun changes. As soon as Cosette outgrows the crib maybe that will be our opportunity to get her a new bed and restyle the room.

Boys Room

The boys room is pretty dark and needs a lot of styling. We’ve been meaning to make new closet doors so that’s definitely on the list of projects in there.

Laundry Room

The laundry room is the best it’s ever been, but we still have plans to make it even better and more functional.

We’re excited to continue the art we’ve started in our home and we’re excited for you to join us. Now that you’ve seen our home please share your thoughts and ideas for future projects and updates – we’re open to anything and love outside ideas!






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