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Our 2018 Home Goals

We have a list of projects we want to do around our home and it’s pretty long. A few nights ago we sat down to review this list and figure out what projects we think we can accomplish this year based on our time and finances. This is a way more manageable and focused list and were pretty excited about it!

We want to share our list with you and by the end of the year we’ll see how much we were able to knock off!

1. Hide Bookshelf Electronics

We all have some sort of electronics in our homes and they don’t always seamlessly blend into our surroundings. There are cords, power strips, wifi routers and the infamous cords coming down from the TVs that we hang on our walls. We have brick walls so we can’t easily hide our cords for new projects. Justin did a pretty good job of tidying things up after I recently repainted the bookshelves, but we still have black cords running down the corner of our white bookshelf. It’s something we notice and want to take care of. We’re going to hide those cords in a white tubing and cover our other electronic behind faux book backs. This will be a fun, and hopefully inexpensive, project.

2. Cabinet Doors For Our Lower Shelves

This is another project on our living room bookshelves, you see these right when you enter our house and we want a more symmetrical look across the whole wall and mantel unit. Cabinet doors over the bookshelves on the bottom left will make the whole bottom half of this wall look like a single block of white. These doors will also be functional in keeping our toddler from pulling books of the shelves and the bigger kids from climbing the shelves, we can also store a few more books without feeling like they all have to be attractive and styled. Our plans are to order cabinet doors and have them installed. We’ve never done this before so we’ll let you know how the process of ordering cabinet doors goes.

3. More Rugs

After years of bare floors, we got one rug for the living room and now we are hooked! We are realizing the importance of rugs when you have continuous wood flooring throughout the house. Our home was kind of looking more like a warehouse than a comfortable place to spend time; there was no definition between rooms and nothing to ground the furniture so the pieces felt like they were floating in space. It was basically creating a “just moved in look” and we weren’t digging it. Our new goal is to get rugs for our family room, kitchen, and laundry room. Very excited about this!

4. Repaint Every Single Room

We’re on the verge of a dining room overhaul. That will be starting soon and includes painting, staining, and restyling. We can’t wait to start this. We also will be attempting to repaint our family room, kitchen, laundry room, two bedrooms and a hallway. Let’s see how much of this will happen over the year.

5. New Porch Numbers

We haven’t had address numbers on our home since we repainted the exterior of our house this past summer. Big high five to the USPS and delivery services for getting the job done despite the lack of this pretty basic part of the delivery process. We’ve been looking at lots of options for new house numbers and will definitely make that happen soon.

6. Remove a Horrible Ceiling Fan

We have big beautiful vaulted ceilings with a skylight in our family room. This would be perfect if we didn’t have a big ceiling fan barging in on this pretty space! It hangs 6 feet down from the ceiling and looks so out of place. We’ll be removing the fan and replacing with a rad light fixture.

7. Install a Wooden Mantel

We want a nice wooden mantel top. Right now it’s part brick and part wood shelf. We want a continuous beautiful piece of wood that coordinates with the other wood beams in our home. This project is pretty intimidating to Justin, but we’re hoping to tackle this project together during some time off this summer.

8. More Plants

We are realizing that plants are so important for a space. They bring color and life. We’ve got lots of little greens floating around but would love to be more intentional. Were thinking large potted trees, small plants, and hanging plants. Live plants are awesome, but we are also open to faux plants because, let’s be honest, they last longer!

Ok, so that’s kind of a lot – but it’s nothing compared to our original list and we think these things will make a major difference in helping our house feel right. We’d love to hear any of your ideas or tips from your own experience.



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