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The Art of Christmas Decor!

It’s time to put that Christmas coziness up in our home and we vlogged about it! We love transforming our home for the holidays and we wanted to share it with you! We consider creating a cozy, holiday atmosphere in our home a work of art!

And here’s our vlog of the whole process! Enjoy!

It took us an afternoon and a nap time or two to finish it all, but we couldn’t be happier to see all the color, coziness, candles and twinkle lights around the house especially in the evening. It makes the atmosphere so fun to come home to and we don’t even have our tree yet!

First we started in the front yard. We got our lights on the eves and our fave lighted garland swags between the porch posts. Our other fave is the bunches of poinsettias we place all over the porch! That pop of color always kick the season off right. Also, pro-tip: this is our sixth year of getting up at 5am to be at Home Depot on Black Friday to get the big poinsettias for 99 cents each! So worth the loss of sleep and the mild crowds. The red on our porch for a whole month is the best!


Next we moved into the house to put up decor. We got down our boxes and got to it!

Here’s our living room before and after transformation:

We moved on into the kitchen and even though we only added a little it is still such a fun vibe.

And finally a few shots of beautiful spots around our home! I hope you don’t think our house is always this clean. I was on overdrive trying to decorate and make it not look messy for the vlog and photos because the kids are always dropping stuff and being tornados around here! You know, parent life! If you drop by unannounced you’ll know our house is usually crazy! Lol.

We hope you enjoyed seeing how we make our home cozy for the holidays! Have fun creating your own cozy Christmas atmosphere in your home



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