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Painting Our House

We’ve lived in our ranch style home for eight years and we finally painted it! We can’t believe how new paint changes so much. We’re loving the way it turned out!

We bought our home back in the summer of 2009. We were a month away from having our first kid and our new purchase needed a ton of work. The interior needed so much attention that painting exterior was on the low- priority list. We’ll have to dig up our old pics of the interior for another blog post because I think you’ll enjoy seeing the previous dungeon, brick on brick, with gothic light fixtures style we were working with at the beginning. Very interesting.

One of the best things we did to our house at the beginning was having my dad paint the entire interior cream. Seriously, best thing ever. Our house went from dungeon to farmhouse in a week. (Praise hands)

That was eight years ago and even though we’ve done a lot of improvement projects to our home, painting the exterior has continued to remain on the low- priority list

…Until Last week!

My dad is a painting contractor. He brought his crew and it was a four and a half day whirlwind of water blasting, sanding, patching, plastic, paper, tape, spraying and paint brushes.

Here’s the before shots:

Here’s a shot of the backyard. We have 3 dutch doors that lead to the back each were dark stained wood.

My dad power washing all the dirt and loose paint off the house.

Our crew always snooping around seeing how they can help grandpa or touch wet paint and wipe it on a couch pillow.

And here it is. The After shots.

We choose white for the main color and a light gray for the trim. Our idea was to have our home be neutral like a blank canvas. We wanted to add accent colors that would pop against the white and use wood tones and green plants to contrast the walls. We picked out ferns and gardenia plants for our small flower bed. We can’t wait for them to get big to show their color and shape against the white.

And we chose a cobalt blue door. It’s so bold and happy. We love it! I (Lindy) can’t stop taking glances at it so I’m pretty convinced I’m WAY into it (Heart eyes).

And here’s some of the back.

We stained the window fort as well. We think the medium stain looks really nice against the white walls. We’re excited to put more wood accents against the walls.

We want to thank my dad for doing such an amazing job and always loving and serving our family! He is an artist of his painting craft and he has honed his art of loving others through his service. I can’t even count how many people he loves and cares for through his service. He is amazing and spending this week with him at our house has been quality time that me and the kids will remember forever.

I wish I could say that he paints houses regularly so you all could experience his art at your home as well, but he mainly paints commercial buildings. Hey, if you have a commercial building then give him a call! His business is called Rix Painting. The quality of his craft and strength of his character are unmatched.

The colors we chose are custom mixed or color matched so we wish we could share the exact colors. I can say that the main color is pure white in the sheen of satin. Also, if you’re wondering where our kid toys are they are still pushed to the side with a few other pieces of furniture and plants. I’m still putting things back, but were loving the simple look so I’ll prob put less back than was there before.

We are really happy with the way our home turned out! It’s bright, fresh and simple. It’s a perfect blank canvas to add our beauty and art.

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