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Justin’s Father’s Day Gift Guide

There’s this whole concept of “love languages” some people are really into. One of mine is definitely gifts, but definitely way more in terms of giving than receiving. I straight up love giving people gifts that don’t just make them smile, but almost leave them puzzled. Like a “this is awesome, how did you know?” reaction is what I’m going for.

I’ve got all kinds of methods for pulling this off: from pouring over someone’s Pinterest boards to searching for who they’re following on Instagram for any brands and then looking at their new releases. I even have an eBay alert set for a certain hard to acquire item that is going to blow one of my coworker’s minds if I can ever get my hands on one at a reasonable price.

But sometimes you’re in a pinch, Father’s Day is in like a week and you just want to gift something really special. So if you’ve got a dad in your life who is anything like me here are some ideas I think he’d be in to.

Japanese Handsaw

Most guys I know are at least somewhat into the idea of being able to build cool stuff. When I first started tackling projects like building our treehouse I bought one of those power tool combo kits thinking that was what I really needed. Man, I wish I would have waited and done some more learning because I could have saved a lot of money and probably done a better job if I’d have purchased a saw like this.

I’m obsessed with the Wranglerstar YouTube channel and that guy uses a Japanese handsaw all the time and I’m amazed at how much better cutting that guy does by hand than I do with my power tools.

Here’s why your guy will love this: the superior engineering of this style saw will get him better results on any woodworking projects he’s attempting and that will make him feel awesome. Plus it’s less than $3o, so pickup a saw and then watch this video so you can explain why it is so awesome in your own words.

Vans Classics

My Pinterest Wishlist board almost always has a pair of Vans on there, Eras are my personal favorite. Last year I customized a pair in The Debrief colors and I picked up a new pair for our recent anniversary getaway.

Here’s the deal, I never need a new pair, Lindy is all in to minimalism and I’m getting there, but there’s just something about slipping on a new pair of Vans with clean white foxing that makes you feel like a million bucks. For about $40, that’s a pretty good deal, right?

Pro-tip: for shoes that come with white laces I will sometime spend an extra $15 for the black leather laces that give the shoe a little more put together look for date night or something like that.

Relational Soul

This book has been the most important thing I read in the last year. What I learned, about both God and myself, from Relation Soul was the foundation for a sermon I preached in January. It was recommended to me by my boss, Pastor Matt Brown, after he read it and met the authors.

I have now had the opportunity to meet the authors myself and that is another one of the reasons I’d recommend this book. These two guys led a two day training for us and the thing that most profoundly impacted me was the fluidity of their relationship with one another. They were team teaching the whole time and were just bouncing back and forth with such ease and humility. I just kept thinking I need to build a friendship like that. And the book is like that too.

It’s pretty easy to read, but it really speaks to some deep places in your life so I could only read about a chapter every week or two… I like that pacing for a book.

Parachute Bathrobe

This is the only thing on my list that I don’t actually have any experience with. We have had Parachute’s sheets and comforter on our bed for like a year (and completely love them, by the way) so I get their emails a few times a month. Every time I see their Classic Bathrobe in gray it just makes me want one, and I don’t even use a bathrobe! Ok, I guess that’s not true – I use bathrobes whenever we’re staying at a hotel and it always makes me feel awesome. Maybe that’s why I want one.


AirPods are the most expensive things on my list, but these are honestly the best things I’ve purchased in the last two years. The only other recent expense I may have enjoyed more was our bathroom remodel, but that cost like a billion dollars. Lindy borrowed my pair for a day earlier this year and then immediately wanted a pair for herself.

“But Justin, I already have the headphones that came with my phone, or another nicer pair, or whatever… how are these better?”

Let me count the ways. First: there are no wires! Seriously, this is a game changer. These things fit so comfortably in your ear because there is no cord pulling down on them or getting caught on something and pulling them out, they’re amazing.

Second: they’re so easy to use. Yes, there are other Bluetooth headphones out there, but these are the best. Here’s how you set them up: unlock your phone, open the AirPods case near your phone. That’s it. Seriously, it just works.

Also, they’re tiny so I feel super comfortable wearing them in public. There’s this young guy who walks into the coffee shop downtown I work from most mornings and he’s always wearing a sharp suit and a giant pair of wireless Beats and I’m always like “Man, you’re so close! I get that you can’t stop on that new K Dot, but you don’t need to be in here right now with what a complete 7.1 surround sound system on your head. I’ve got DNA on over here and it’s sounds amazing.” Sorry, I know I sound like a jerk. Sit down, Justin. Be humble.

I’m just telling you though, AirPods are amazing. They’re tiny, they sound great, and they’re so easy to use. If a guy in your life listens to podcasts, music, or literally any audio I promise this will spark some joy in his life.

Ok – that’s enough. If you still want more, you can check out my Recommendations Board on Pinterest. This is all stuff that was on my wishlist, entered my life, and I’m super happy with.

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    Andrew Holybee
    June 7, 2017 at 7:55 pm

    Man after my own heart I love my AirPods maybe I will be getting a Japanese wood saw now love your blog

    • Reply
      June 8, 2017 at 9:01 am

      Treat yourself! 😂

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