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Our Afternoon with Together and Free

Last week we got to do the funnest thing! Justin and the boys were finishing the window fort in the backyard and our friend Leah from Together and Free came over to hang out for a little bit and capture our family spending time together in the backyard. She has captured every major moment in our family since our wedding day 10 years ago, but this day she did it differently. She just sat in the background and recorded the moments as they happened. It was all casual, candid and real moments that she caught.

She put all the clips together in a video as long as a song and the finished product blew our socks off! It is a beautiful film of our family being together. We can’t stop watching it and smiling. We have always loved Leah’s photos and I have called her a photo artist since the beginning, but this is another level. It is her beautiful photos, but in motion. It is truly art in motion.

Also, we have a three year old that doesn’t like being told what to do especially for photo shoots so this was revolutionary for us. She didn’t notice Leah and was fully herself. Her genuine smiles and personality was all there. It was easy for us all of us to be ourselves. It was really a great experience in every way.

We are so excited to share with you this beautiful film of our family! Enjoy!

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    Colette Van Holland
    May 18, 2017 at 12:34 am

    I loved the video! What a great treasure to have.

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