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Our Minimalism Journey: Part 1

Justin and I were hoarders and didn’t know it. We both came into our marriage with so much stuff it was crazy. Good thing our first apartment came with a one car garage or we wouldn’t have been able to bring all our junk with us. That’s even with leaving the less important junk at our parents’ houses.

Our Crazy Collections

We both kept some pretty ridiculous stuff. One time we went to Justin’s parents house and his mom brought out an old cardboard box there with his name on it. Inside was his collection of complimentary items from various hotels he had visited over the years like pads of paper, pencils, soap, cups, toiletry items and other random things. We had a good laugh about all that junk as we dumped it all in the brown trash can.

I was cleaning out the garage a few years ago and discovered the braces and hardware from when Justin broke both of his wrists at the same time. Like the metal bars, bolts and screws that were attached to his bones. LOL! Somehow those things made the cut through three moves. When I was cleaning our closets a while back, I even found Justin had kept every pair of converse he had worn since we got married. They were all at the bottom of his closet. Six pairs of tattered worn out shoes. It was so funny and very eye opening.

I, on the other hand, hoarded far more boring things than Justin like clothes, papers, yarn, magazines, paint, fabric, and craft items. Stuff like this has crowded our home for a long time. It’s always been a pain to have so many things, but I thought “more is better” so it stayed.

Choosing Minimalism

It’s safe to say Justin and I have had an epiphany when it comes to our stuff. As we’ve added more kids to our home it has become more and more apparent that we can’t maintain so much and take care of kids too.

We all know kids don’t stay still and because of that nothing in our home stayed still either. We used to have shelves and shelves of kids toys, shelves of books, stacks of magazines, decorations that were low to the ground. Our closets, cabinets and garage were so full that there were things that didn’t have a place. I found myself spending so much time scooping up toys and clothes and everything in between. I might as well have had a shovel. To the kids the act of dumping the toys out of the basket became the fun instead of the toy itself.

We made the decision that more is not better and that was the beginning of our minimalism journey.

Since then we have discarded tons of bags and boxes of stuff, we’ve had three yard sales, and donated to one of our favorite charities. It all started with a decision to have less which was then fueled by Marie Kondo’s Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.

Now every time we thin out an area, we can’t wait to do it again. We are not done with the process of thinning out our items, but the biggest change is in our minds.

Less had truly become more in our eyes.

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